Welcome at the van-hooydonk website.

This is the new and improved website of the van-hooydonk family. On this page you can find some personale information about me and my family. Basically through pictures and stories that I will put on this website. For the latest additions check the page below the "personal" button.

There are also some links provided to some of the best website on the Internet available at the moment. Some are handy, some are need, some are just cool and maybe some are stupid, but you probably get the picture. I use them frequently and that is why I have placed them here on this website.

If you have any questions so far, you can ask these by sending an email to the following emailaddress: barry@van-hooydonk.nl

Off course there are other ways to get in contact with me. Sometimes I am online using the MSN Messenger. You can find me with the username: barryvanhooydonk@hotmail.com. So just add me to your contactlist and ask me for premission. After I agree we can start communicating through the MSN Messenger network. Come on and join now.

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Countries i have visited
During my life so far I did visited some countries abroad. In the map below you can see all of the.